Hoopa Valley Tribal Council
                                Worker's Compensation Program

Hoopa Valley Tribal Law provides certain benefits to employees who are injured or become ill because of their jobs. 

If a work injury occurs:

Many job related injuries are covered - even first aid type injuries and work related illnesses. The key is whether it was caused by the job. (Some injuries from voluntary, off-duty, recreational, social, or athletic activity - [for example, the company picnic or the department team] may not be covered.) Check with your claims administrator if you have any questions.

In the event of a work injury:

    1. Be sure first aid is given.
    2. See that the injured employee is taken to a doctor or hospital, if 
    3. Report the injury IMMEDIATELY to your supervisor and/or Tribal 
        Insurance Employer Representative at 625-9200 and request a claim
        form. Any delay in reporting an injury may delay worker's injury
    4. Complete a claim form with your supervisor. This form is called the
        Employee's Claim for Worker's Injury Benefits. Your supervisor will then
        complete a Referral for Medical Care form and take you or refer you to
        the doctor. (Completed claim forms will be forwarded to the Tribe's
        Insurance Department.)
    5. The supervisor will then complete the
Employer's Report of
        Occupational Injury or Illness
form. (This completed claim form will
        also be forwarded to the Tribe's Insurance Department.)

Note: All doctor's notes must be provided to your supervisor. 

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                                     packet »
Employee Injury Forms.pdf

Worker's Compensation Benefits

Medical Care: All medical treatment - without a deductible or dollar limit. Costs are paid directly by the claims administrator, so you should never see a bill. You must obtain authorization prior to treating. The claims administrator will arrange medical treatment, often by a specialist for the particular injury.

Payment for Lost Wages: If you're temporarily disabled by a covered job injury or illness, you'll receive tax-free income until your doctor says that you are able to return to work. Should you receive payments, they are usually two-thirds of your average weekly pay, up to the maximum amount set by Tribal Law. Payments are not made for the first (3) days, unless you're hospitalized as an inpatient, or unable to work for more than (14) days.

A complete description of benefits can be found in Title 46; Worker's Compensation Ordinance of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. 

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                                   Ordinance » Workers.Comp.Ordinance.pdf