The Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation is the largest reservation in California, encompassing 89,572 acres. The Hoopa Tribe is the third largest employer in Humboldt County with approximately 65+ entities and departments and over 700+ employees working under the Hoopa Valley Tribal Government.

With approximately a $75 million annual Tribal budget, it is critical that we have a sound Asset Tracking System as well as a Property and Procurement Department that handles the monumental task of documenting, inventorying, and finally insuring ALL Tribal Assets. To maintain compliance with OMB Circular A-87, the Hoopa Tribe established fiscal policies, where anything over $2,500 is considered a capital asset and therefore must be tagged and incorporated into the Tribal Inventory for tracking purposes.

In order for the Hoopa Tribal Insurance Department to be effective, it is imperative that the Asset Inventory is up to date and current with depreciation factored in. When it comes to an accident or a loss of Tribal property, the Hoopa Tribal Insurance Department must investigate the exact value. Not only for reimbursement purposes, but for evaluating future insurance rates and premiums. Hoopa Valley Tribal Insurance pays very close attention to these rates and premiums since we are *self-funded and we are always trying to save the employees money in contribution requirements and the Hoopa Tribe from paying out too much in claims, or not recouping enough to pay for administrative costs. This is precisely why we have an Actuary review our plans anually to ensure that we will have the proper fund pool to pay our claims and operate all expenses.

*Self-funded simply means that the Hoopa Tribe is in a unique situation where we can actually cover the asset losses and accidents to equipment up to a certain point. After that set dollar amount is reached, the Tribe works with a reinsurance stop-loss insurance company that we pay premiums to in order to protect the Tribe against colossal claims. The less often and smaller the claims, the lower the Tribe's premiums become, hence saving the Tribe money.

             To report a theft or loss of property, please download 
              a copy of the Property Loss/Theft & Damage Report
              here » 
Property Loss/Theft & Damage Report.pdf

An important tool in managing our drivers risk has been the adoption of the Tribe's Motor Vehicle Operator's Policy. The department maintains driving records for all approved drivers in accordance with this policy, thereby reducing potential risk to both the Tribe and the public.

                Please click here for a copy of the Motor Vehicle 
           Operator's Policy » Motor Vehicle Operators Policy.pdf
Activities that Hoopa Insurance does to protect our Tribal Assets include the submission of claims for auto and mobile equipment, general liability, thefts, and vandalisms. Most claims must include a follow-up Police Report, Accident Investigation (internal and/or external) and Report, and some formal paperwork requirements. If the claim is considered a valid claim then Hoopa Insurance will make all the necessary arrangements for repair or recovery/replacement. Another area Hoopa Insurance may require review are independent contractors contracts to make sure insurance requirements and specifications are in place, thus protecting tribal assets. We must also provide and obtain certificate of insurance(s) from employees to clear for traveling, develop waivers for various programs for camps, ride-a-longs, field trips, etc. All in an effort to protect the Hoopa Tribe and their assets.