Welcome to Hoopa Valley Tribal Insurance Department. We have developed this website to enable the Hoopa Valley Tribal Employees to have streamlined access to various information as well as online insurance and retiremement records. In addition, we hope outside agencies will utilize our site to better understand what our program entails.

Established in 1992, the Insurance Department manages the Group Health/Life Insurance Plan, Retirement Plan, and Property, Casualty and Worker's Compensation Programs, in addition to maintaining the Tribe's auto policy.
Our Mission Statement is to continually develop and coordinate the Insurance Program in the most effective and efficient manner for the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Provide adequate health insurance at an affordable rate for all tribal employees. Administer Property & Casualty in a responsible manner. Ensure that all tribal vehicles, buildings, and properties are appropriately insured. Effectively and efficiently, manage the Worker's Compensation Program. Administer and process claims in a timely manner. Control and maintain costs. Protect the liability of the Hoopa Tribe.

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